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When can you start our home?

Building a new home requires a significant amount of up-front work. Its all about our process to maneuver you through the pre-construction details prior to commencing site construction. General rule of thumb is about sixty days needed to compile and apply for a building permit, however, this time can be extended depending upon the details associated with your property, home plan status and design changes.

Why should I hire Essex Homes to build my home?

Building a new home on your property is an important and complicated process. Our experience provides you with the skills and knowledge to not only have a successful new construction build but to guide you through the pre-construction requirements with ease. We specialize in providing our Clients with hands-on service to ensure their plans for a new home are achieved.

I’m ready to get started building my home, what’s the next step?

Let’s meet to learn about your building plans, what you need and want from your new home, and to listen to the details of your budget, timeline, and expectations. We need to get educated about your goals so we can deliver all that you need, on time and on budget.

What will it cost to build my home?

We don’t have a one-size fits all for budgets or home designs or even a published per square foot price. Each home and homesite are unique, customized to your wants and desired features. Each homesite has characteristics that require site analysis to understand how the site impacts the home design. Part of our pre-construction process is to evaluate the home plan, it’s specifications and the site so we can provide you with a realistic price to build.

Do you help with the permits, septic system/sewer system, well/municipal water, and driveway prep?

Yes. This is all part of our pre-construction process. We handle all aspects of the construction process from the beginning of site plans, soil evaluation, permits to actual construction of access driveway, foundation/vertical construction, and water and septic/sewer connections.

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